Genesis II Select

Genesis II Select: Fully Featured, Dash Mounted Radar

The Genesis II Select is a fully featured moving radar that is robust and simple to use. Stationary, moving opposite and moving same direction modes are standard and when paired with a second antenna, the Genesis II Select provides enforcement coverage in all zones around the police car. Fastest target identification is available in all modes (same direction requires a directional antenna)

Versatile Police Radar System

  • State-of-the-art digital police radar system utilizing 32-bit DSP processing
  • Choice of K-band, K-band directional or Ka-band.  All antennas are  waterproof
  • Detach the display using the optional detachable display kit
  • Directional antennas available


  • Front or Rear facing antennas
  • Intuitive graphic displays
  • High-quality remote control
  • Instant target acquisition
  • Simple usage
  • Stationary, Moving Opposite and Moving Same Direction targeting modes.  All with fastest target feature (K-Directional Antenna required for fastest target in Moving Same Direction)

Choose The Antennas You Need

  • K band  – great for in-town speed enforcement
  • Ka band – perfect for 4-lane, divided highways
  • K directional – helps you target the vehicles want

Multiple Display Options

  • Computer on dash
  • Display on dash (hide the computer under the seat or elsewhere in the car)