Decatur, Leading the Way into the Future of Speed Measurement Technology

Decatur Electronics is pleased to announce that it has joined the D&K Engineering family of companies. Decatur Electronics has a proud history of 60 years of success as Americas premiere provider of speed measurement products. In our continuous pursuit of excellence we are excited to add the powerhouse technological talent of D&K Engineering in designing and building the Decatur products of the future for our customers worldwide.

D&K Engineering is a world renowned product realization company with acknowledged technical expertise in engineering, design and manufacturing of complex electromechanical products across a wide spectrum of markets.

This fusion of Decatur Electronics with D&K Engineering is the end result of a highly successful decade long relationship in which D&K manufactured Decatur products in their U.S. and Asia facilities. Recognising the obvious benefit potential, the decision to formally join Decatur’s market leadership role with D&K’s technological prowess was the logical next step in Decatur’s goal of continuous innovation in speed measurement technology.

Adding D&K’s extensive and diverse engineering talent pool located in America, Asia and Europe accelerates and expand Decatur’s capacity to provide our customers with the finest, cutting edge speed measurement technology and products on the market today and into the future!

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