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Police Radar
Name Description Info
The Scout 2 is a rechargeable battery operated handheld radar with a beautiful high resolution display. The unit provides officer friendly features that includes a display that is compatible with polarized sunglasses, up to 7 days usage on a single charge, USB charging that can be in car or at the station. The unit provides the best usability with its intuitive interface and ergonomic packaging.
The G3™, the latest generation of the Genesis Radar family, offering modern traffic radar features such as Ka band directional antenna, 32-bit floating point digital signal processing (DSP), a versatile detachable computer/display unit, and an easy-to-use Infrared (IR) remote control.
The G3™ provides instant target acquisition and speed lock as well as more precise tracking and speed measurement. If space in your vehicle is at a premium, you will appreciate the detachable computer/display unit.
The VIP plugs into the diagnostic port in the patrol car and improves the performance of Genesis II Select radar. By reading the vehicles speed from the diagnostic port, shadowing is eliminated. Additionally the Genesis II Select can automatically change between stationary and moving modes based on the patrol car’s speed.