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About Us Founded in 1955, Decatur Electronics has consistently led the traffic enforcement industry with a focus on technological innovation.
Decatur Electronics, Inc. began with entrepreneur Bryce K. Brown, a farmer who grew up in Hutchinson, Kansas. He attended Southwestern College in Winfield, studying math and physics and worked on the Manhattan Project during WWII, after which he became an educator at the university level, for 33 years.

From 1946 to 1964, Mr. Brown taught at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. Instead of pursuing a doctorate, he immersed himself in business. In 1955, Mr. Brown started Muniquip, making speed timers and soon branched out into radar. By 1963, the radar portion of Muniquip had an annual sales of over a million dollars.
In 1964, Mr. Brown left Millikin University to focus on his new radar company. A Toronto firm was interested in his other offerings and purchased the company two years later. Mr. Brown retained the rights for his radar technology and renamed the company Decatur Electronics Inc. Mr. Brown expanded the business by developing new products, including speed timers to control traffic and a radar guns specifically designed for the Baseball industry.

Sales Consultants
Greg Roberts
US Territory Manager
International Sales
Heng Zhang
Int Sales Representative
Jeff Oost
International Sales


Warren Police Department, NH

I would like to tell you how impressed we are with the handheld radar unit which we recently purchased for our department. We are still amazed at the distance and the quickness of this machine. Never mind how easy it is to use. This unit even picks up bicyclists! We have been completely satisfied with this unit, and with your company. We will certainly recommend this unit, and your company to any of the departments we come in contact with.

Biloxi Police Department
Recently the Biloxi Police Department was given the opportunity to evaluate Decatur Electronics' Responder 4000 Camera/Doppler Radar System. During our evaluation process of this system, we have been impressed with not only the quality of the system and the ease of which to operate it, but the customer service that we have received as well.

Our agency is in the process of a purchase of four units for immediate deployment. I look forward to working with Decatur Electronics on this new project.

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