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NOPTIC Saves Lives

As reported in the Detroit Free Press and the Daily Tribune News the Royal Oak Police Department in Michigan recently prevented a suicide attempt while using thermal imaging technology. Having only purchased the technology a year ago and using it as part of his routine patrol, Officer Anthony Gagliardi was on the outskirts of downtown Royal Oak scanning the area for signs of activity. The area is known to be frequented by the homeless who use the bushes and surrounding vegetation for cover. While scanning the exterior of St. Mary’s Catholic Church he noticed an individual near a tree and got out of his vehicle to check on them. Approaching the individual Gagliardi saw the person “had wrapped a small chain and belt around the tree” and then around their neck.

Talking to the individual Gagliardi was able to call for assistance and was finally able to take the person unhurt to the local area hospital.

Spencer, speaking for the department is quoted as saying “Thanks to Officer Gagiardi’s attentiveness and the availability of the thermal imaging cameras mounted on all Royal Oak patrol vehicles, a tragedy was prevented and this individual was able to get the help needed.

For more information on how the Noptic Thermal Imaging Camera can benefit your department contact your local Decatur Electronics Regional Sales Manager.

To read the article in the Detroit Free Press go to the link below:

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