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Responder 4000

Biloxi Police Department
Recently the Biloxi Police Department was given the opportunity to evaluate Decatur Electronics' Responder 4000 Camera/Doppler Radar System. During our evaluation process of this system, we have been impressed with not only the quality of the system and the ease of which to operate it, but the customer service that we have received as well.

Our agency is in the process of a purchase of four units for immediate deployment. I look forward to working with Decatur Electronics on this new project.

Responder 1000

Indonesian Frontline Forensic Project
The Indonesian Frontline Forensic Project is a targeted program to upgrade regional centres throughout the Indonesian Archipelago with evidence collection and crime scene management capacity and capability.

In selection of the technology for the project, it was essential to satisfy the following requirements:

  • ease of use
  • satisfy international standards for legal validation and verification of evidence
  • reliability
  • robust enough to operate in harsh, remote environments

56 vehicles are being supplied in the project with Decatur's in car video system. The Decatur system has proven to be ideal for the project in every respect and has been well received by the Indonesian Police at all levels.

Oakwood Hills Police Department
We have installed our in car video system into a 2008 Crown Vic (our newest fleet patrol squad).

I was able to send a very brief e-mail to the staff on the use / function of the system and to my surprise I have not received one phone call asking for explanation and/or help with the use of the system. This is not due to my writing skills, I believe this is due to the ease of use that Decatur's system offers.

I have installed the file manager software, made the first download while on the phone with you, made a second download since that call, and again the ease of use far exceeds other systems that I have researched and/or used.

I have reviewed and shown others playback of files that the system has recorded and the quality has met the expectation of all.

Upon asking officers that have been assigned this vehicle their thoughts on in car video system, I have only received responses of overwhelming positive replies.

The Village of Oakwood Hills is a small village with a limited budget and to be awarded this system in conjunction with the Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge is such a positive thing that can not only be brought to the Police Department but to the Village and the residents.

We will undoubtedly start the budget process to replace our other outdated in car video systems with the new video systems.

Bradley County, TN
We've got a fleet of 130 cars. With 30 units, we've found you can't beat Decatur's in car video system for the price.

The camera and the 40 hour capacity really convinced us—we really like them.

Handheld Radar

Navasota Police Department, TX
What the handheld radar gun went through and the fact that it still functioned as it did before the incident [referring to a patrol car fire] was remarkable. After this incident, the officers tested the radar gun and it worked perfectly. I feel certain that in the near future, we will be purchasing a couple of these radars for the Police Department.

Warren Police Department, NH
I would like to tell you how impressed we are with the handheld radar unit which we recently purchased for our department. We are still amazed at the distance and the quickness of this machine. Never mind how easy it is to use. This unit even picks up bicyclists! We have been completely satisfied with this unit, and with your company. We will certainly recommend this unit, and your company to any of the departments we come in contact with.

Shutesbury Police Department, MA
A short note of thank you for selling a product that does what you claimed it would. An officer had the unit with him and placed it on the side mirror. He then received a call and drove off with the radar unit still on the mirror. The radar unit came off of the mirror and went down the paved highway at approx. 30-35 mph. The unit is still running and working perfectly. I can't believe it.

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