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Traffic Radar Resources

Learn more about traffic radar, how to use it effectively, and how to keep your streets safe.

Radar for Traffic Regulation

 Genesis II SelectGHDScout
Form Dash Mounted Handheld Handheld
Moving Yes No No
Directional Optional Yes Yes
Power 12V 12V AA batteries / 12V

In Car Video Systems for Traffic Regulation

 Responder 1000Responder Capture
Radar Integration Overlay Internal Radar
Recording Media Hard Drive / SD Card Solid State Drive
Drive Capacity 60GB / 32GB SD Card 64GB
Pre-Event Recording Optional No
Overhead Display Yes Yes
In Car Computer Display Optional Optional
Touchscreen No Yes
Data Management Yes Yes
GPS No Yes

Traffic Regulation Trailers

 OS 75MOS 300MX
Form Sign Trailer
Display Size 18" 19"
Message Sign No Yes
Capture Traffic Data w/ EZ Stat w/ EZ Stat
Low Speed Cutoff No No
High Speed Cutoff Yes Yes
Violation Speed Yes Yes
Solar Panel No Yes
2nd Battery No Yes
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