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In Car Video Resources

In car video can be a confusing subject. Trust our expertise to guide you through the complications of capturing and delivering video evidence.

In-Car Hardware

 Responder 1000Responder 4000
Marking Video Tick Tick
Recording Media HD/SD SSD
In-car storage size 60GB HD / 32GB SD card 64GB
Radar interface Tick Tick
Top temperature range 120 167
Bottom temperature range 41 23
LCD display size 3.5" 4.1"
Integrates with LPR Cross Cross
In-car user interface Wireless remote / buttons Touchscreen
Light bar activation Tick Tick
Rear view mirror display / mounted Tick Cross
Pre-event recording 15-30 secs 0-5 mins
Boot time <5 seconds TBD
GPS Cross Tick
Operating system µITRON Linux
Record time 20-40 hrs 36 hrs
Vehicle sensor triggers Cross Tick
Battery back up Tick Cross


 Responder 1000Responder 4000
License plate autozoom Cross Cross
Video resolution 1024x960 D1 (720x480)
Records multiple cameras at once 2 Tick
Infrared back seat camera Tick Tick
Camera sensitivity (in lux) .25 lux .7/.02 lux
Number of cameras 2 2
Zoom specs (optical/digital) 10x 10x


 Responder 1000Responder 4000
In-car mic Tick Tick
Wireless mic range 1000ft 1000ft
Multiple audio streams 3 Tick
2.4GHz mic Tick Tick
Mic channels 40 40
Number of cameras 2 2

Evidence Management

 Responder 1000Responder 4000
Wireless transfer Cross Contact Decatur
Wireless mic activation Tick Tick
Ethernet transfer Cross Tick
Software included Tick Tick
User profiles Cross Tick

In Car Video Features Comparison

 Internal DriveRadarPre-event RecordingMirror DisplayPricing
Name:Decatur Responder 1000 Internal Drive:HD/SD Radar:Tick Pre-event Recording:15-30 secs Mirror Display:Tick Pricing:$3499 MSRP
Name:Kustom G3 Internal Drive:HD/CF Radar:Tick Pre-event Recording:0-3 mins Mirror Display:Tick Pricing:$2000 above
the Responder 1000
Name:Kustom Ion Eclipse Internal Drive:HD/CF/DVD Radar:Tick Pre-event Recording:0-3 mins Mirror Display:Tick Pricing:$1500 above
the Responder 1000
Name:Safety Vision Patrol Recorder CF Internal Drive:CF Radar:Tick Pre-event Recording:0-60 secs Mirror Display:Cross Pricing:$1200 above
the Responder 1000
Name:ICOP 20/20 W Internal Drive:HD Radar:Tick Pre-event Recording:0-60 secs Mirror Display:Cross Pricing:$3500 above
the Responder 1000
Name:MPH True View Plus Internal Drive:DVD Radar:Tick Pre-event Recording:Cross Mirror Display:Tick Pricing:$1000 above
the Responder 1000
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