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Police Radar Units

Q. How often do I need to re-certify my traffic safety radar gun?
A. In the past, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) required that all devices with transmitters be checked once a year to guarantee they were transmitting within the allowed band. The FCC has since dropped that requirement. Now most states have set up their own standards to regulate the timing of radar certification. Since each state is different, Decatur recommends that you check with your local state regulators.
The IACP, through the Highway Safety Committee, recommends, as a minimum, that each speed-measuring device be tested for measurement accuracy within a period of 3 years prior to an alleged violation in which the device was used to collect evidence for presentation in court and whenever the device undergoes repair

Genesis II Select

Q. Do the Decatur Electronics traffic safety radar devices interface with in-car video systems?
A. Yes. Decatur’s traffic safety radar devices will interface with various in-car video systems with an active communications (COM) port, including the Responder 1000 in-car video system. Please contact Decatur Electronics to see which video systems will work with your Decatur radar device.

Handheld Radar

Q. My radar gun will not power up. What should I do?
 A. If operating off the batteries check to make sure they are charged. If operating off the power cord, then check to make sure that the power cord is properly plugged into the power source. If the LED is off, you may have a blown 2 amp fuse. To check fuse unscrew the tip of the lighter plug and replace if needed. If the LED (light) on the connector is on, you have power and the gun may need service. If your radar still does not power up, contact Decatur’s service provider TMDE Calibration Labs at 877-863-3522.

Q. Will my radar gun work while my vehicle is moving?
A. No, the radar gun is a stationary only model, so your vehicle should be parked. You need to hold the radar steady while operating it.

Q. What if I drop my gun?
A. Decatur Electronics radar guns are extremely durable. Simply power up and perform a device test. If the gun doesn’t appear to work properly, contact Decatur Electronics.

Responder 1000

Q. Is it true that my wireless audio pack is always transmitting audio?
A. Yes, as long as the wireless unit is switched on and synced audio is active and available for recording. To stop audio transmission turn off power to the transmitter. To resume, turn power on then re-sync.

Q. Why doesn’t my computer recognize the Responder 1000 DVR?
A. Typically, this happens when another USB device occupies the same drive letter as the DVR causing that drive letter and the DVR to not be seen by the Windows operating system. Please review Appendix B of the user’s manual or install the Responder 1000 File Manager software.

All OnSite Speed Trailers

Q. From what distance can a motorist read the sign?
A. The speed display sign’s high output, amber LED letters are 18" high x 10" wide (offering 3000 mlm of brightness), giving it visibility of up to 1000 feet. The viewing angle is 100°.

Q. What is the detection range of the radar antenna?
A. The radar’s beam width is 12°. The antenna can detect speeds ranging from 5 to 99 mph at up to approximately 600 feet.

Police Radar Units

Q. My radar has poor range. How can I remedy this?
A. Verify that the antenna has no obstructions in front of it. If the gun still has poor range, increase the sensitivity level.

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